Sunday, October 15, 2017

Amazingly, we have finished the first nine week grading period of this school year! This week we meet for conferences. Students will be released early each day this week. We have already made a good start to the second quarter. We are finishing up perimeter in math, and will test this week on Thursday. Next, we will be moving on to two digit multiplication. We finished taking notes and learning about Native Americans. We had a quiz last Friday on the first three tribes covered. On Wednesday, we will test on all of the tribes. Remember: Where they lived determined how they lived. Students can study their social studies journal, view the Native American power point on Love That Link, and look at the Kwakiutl, Hopi, and Inuit Thinglink on Mrs. Sattelmeier's blog. There will be no spelling words or test this week.
This will be Red Ribbon Week.
If you haven't signed up for parentvue yet, you will be able to when you come for conferences. There will be a table set up in the hall near the entrance.
Be sure to order items with your child's artwork from Square 1, if you haven't already. Ms. Stoddard will be sending a flyer home this week with information.

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