Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mrs. Sattelmeier had a wonderful time spraying hair color, painting nails, and assisting with tattoos at the carnival last Friday! It was great fun to see some of our students and their families enjoying the activities.

We have been working on subtracting with regrouping in math. We have also been working on rounding and estimating. A link for a Khan Academy video has been added to Love That Link for subtraction with regrouping, across zero.

We will have a test Friday, 9/22, on weather in science. Students will need to know weather instruments, weather fronts, how to read a weather map, freezing and boiling points (temperature) in Celsius and Fahrenheit, and how the water cycle works. To prepare, students can use their science textbook, science journals, the study guide we completed in class on 9/20, as well as the weather quizlet, water cycle quizlet, and weather fronts model links on Love That Link.

There will be a test on Theme in reading on Friday. Students can use classwork examples, sing the song, and use the study guide/practice pages we did in class today (9/20)to study.

If you have not signed up for Remind, but would like to, let Mrs. Sattelmeier know, and she will send an instruction page home with your child.

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