Thursday, October 27, 2016

October has blown by! We've been learning about Native Americans. Our motto: Where they live effects how they live. Students should be able to tell how each tribe used the natural resources in their environment for lodging, clothing, and food. They should be able to tell the region and climate for each tribe. The test on this unit will be next week. Use this URL to practice vocabulary on Quizlet: In math we've been working on multi-digit multiplication using the box method and the bow-tie method. In reading we've been working on point of view: first person, second person, third person limited, and third person omniscient. Finally, in language arts we've been working on opinion writing using a strong opinion statement, three reasons to support that statement, and facts and details to strengthen those reasons. A link to our social studies textbook has been added to our list. Go to, or click on the link. Choose Georgia and Social Studies, then click on the link near the bottom that says e-services. The username is cobbstudent4, the password is password. There is a link for our math textbook under Love That Link! The username for students is: ccsd followed by their student identification number, password: cobbmath1

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