Friday, September 9, 2016

Labor Day Week Comes to a Close!

Wow, what a busy week, We put a lot of learning into just four days! In math, we reviewed and tested place value and started addition. Ask your child if they are close to becoming a Math Millionaire. The choice they had was to receive one million dollars for a month's work or work for a penny the first day, two cents the second, four cents the third, etc., doubling their pay every day. Some students are in the last five days of the month, others are still under day 10. Work at your own pace, and see if you can become a Math Millionaire! After addition, we will work on our subtracting skills with regrouping, as well as subtracting across zeros. We are finished with our extreme event writing project, and will be working on writing great introductions next week. Our grammar lessons on homophones continue with then and than. We will practice and test homophones (were, we're, your, you're, to, too, two, it, it's) then move on to prepositions. The social studies unit on maps/globes and physical features of the U.S. has ended. We will be learning about the water cycle and how it affects weather next week. We started the unit with a trip to the science lab to make clouds out of shaving cream, and then we had an in-house field trip in which we became a drop of water traveling through the water cycle. Ask your child what each bead on their Incredible Journey bracelets represents; that way you can take a journey through the water cycle, too.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Actively engaged scientists at work in our awesome science lab

What a great, and busy, week we had! In science lab we made models of the water cycle in soda bottles. We practiced our rounding skills and used them to estimate answers in word problems. We reviewed and tested character in Language arts. We studied taking care of our teeth, vision, hearing, and being a good health consumer, in Health/Reading. We began informational writing on an extreme/weather event. We ended the week celebrating states of matter with our book buddies. Ask your child if they can tell you which components of a root beer float represent each state of matter:liquid, solid, and gas. Next week there will be a test on the physical features of the United States. Have your child demonstrate their knowledge to you using their Social Studies Notebook. Students will be tested on all of the place value concepts, rounding, and estimating. On Friday, September 9, we will have an in-house field trip: The Incredible Journey, to support our science unit on the water cycle. Mrs. Sattelmeier and Mrs. Stewart hope you all have a safe and relaxing long week-end with your families!