Friday, August 26, 2016

What's Up Next Week?

What's up next week? In math, we will practice our rounding skills, then use them to estimate the answer to word problems. In writing, we will be writing our informational paper on an extreme event. Ask your child what extreme event they are studying. You will probably learn a fact or two! In social studies, we will be studying the man-made and physical features of these great United States. Be prepared to hear about how hot it is in Death Valley and what imaginary line runs across the top of the Rocky Mountains. Cities such as Boston, New York, and Philadelphia will also be included. Our reading will include health-related topics. And here come homophones: aloud and allowed, hire and higher, and principal and principle. We could all use practice on their, they're, and there! On a side note, some students were not happy with their spelling test grade today. While this doesn't happen often, a retest will be given on Monday for those students who need to raise their grade. Study to mastery over the weekend, and see how much improvement can be made with hard work! All students interested in raising their grade will be allowed to retest.

Monday, August 22, 2016

We have been working on place value in math. There will be a quiz tomorrow. Students should have brought home their math notebook to study. They have had two practice quizzes, so each student should have a good idea of what they need to practice most. There will be a test on map skills Wednesday. The social studies notebook is a great study tool! Raz-kids should be accessible now. From the Addison School website, click on kidlinks, then choose Raz-kids from the chart. Each student has their password taped into the inside of their agenda.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Welcome back! Mrs. Sattelmeier sent a note home with directions to sign up for Remind. The correct code is: @stewartsan. We will provide more detailed instructions at Open House this Thursday. We look forward to meeting with parents after the 6:00 PTA meeting.